Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finish This Week 3

It's time for finish this so let's see what we are finishing today.

1. A typical day in my life
Oh so boring but here we go. Up at six to get three boys off to school as I watch my niece and nephew now and he catches the bus with my boys. Then I get Littleman, Little G, and Gbug fed, entertained, maybe dressed, and we spend the day doing what little kids like to do. Plus all of mommies chores like dishes, laundry, cleaning , food etc...

2. You’ll never see me
I don't usually say never because you never know what's going to happen but your probably never going to see me on a roller coaster or wearing shorts. The roller coaster because people seriously not a fan here and shorts well this Northwest girl is glow in the dark white. And I don't tan people. Nobody needs to see that trust me.

3. It’s really unattractive when a guy/girl
A cute girl thinks she needs to dress like a you know what and throw herself at guys. I really hope my boys have better sense then to hang with girls that do that. Sorry my opinionated self is starting to show today.

4. If I could buy one thing right now, it would be
A new dresser for my husband the one he has drives me crazy! Broken doors and I just don't want to bother redoing it. Or maybe a new couch so that we can all sit on it. 

5. I have high expectations for
 Oh word people I'm running on lack of sleep. I just have high expectations that someday I'm going to be able to sleep again!

Have a great day y'all!

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

SLEEP??? What's that?! You are Super Woman, don't know how you do all that you do in a day!!!!

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