Thursday, January 16, 2014

We Survived Family Photos 2014

Morning y'all! Well due to some serious stomach issues over the holidays and a massive ice storm we never got new family photos taken for Christmas cards. So, we started our 2014 off by getting some new family photos this weekend. Let's just say with four boys that's a real challenge. I'm kind of hoping when they are teenagers this won't be such an issue. Let's just say no amount of bribery was working this time. In fact it's like they forget what their mother has said once you actually get to the taking of the pictures. But heck at least we survived getting them taken. Even if I felt like I needed a shower after we were all done. So, here ya go. Our new family photos for the year. I'm sure at some point we will have to have new ones again as our little guy keeps growing bigger and bigger by the day I swear. But for now I'm just going to let this picture sum up my crazy life for y'all. This is us for sure:

 yep those are my kids. That's pretty much shortmans personality summed up in one photo or this photo too.

Oh my word what a ham seriously what am I going to do with that child. His little brother thinks it hilarious.

 wow my littles are so serious.

Back to the crazy face. At least my hubs is smiling!

Wow we are all looking at the camera. That is quite a feat when it comes to our family especially with the two littles. I'm pretty sure half of our photos had the littles looking in one direction and everyone else looking at the camera.

 Okay so I need to own up to cropping my older boys out of this one since they were both moving and blurry and I just thought it was to cute not to show ya. Nope we are not a two kid family I promise. I have four crazies these ones just happened to be holding still for the first time ever.

Can ya tell little man was really thrilled about getting his pics taken. He and shortman were complete stinkers about photos but we did get some good ones.

Finally a cute smile. He really doesn't like to smile right now because he's missing lots of teeth but I tell him it just makes him look so adorable.

I'm pretty sure that every photo was of Littleman moving. He wasn't about to sit down and get his picture taken like the older boys.

When did this child get so big. Really it makes me feel like an old woman to see how fast he's growing.

Gbug was so serious through out the whole ordeal until we finally got to taking his individual pictures. What a silly little guy. We did get some cute ones of all three older boys together.  I promise no children or trains were harmed in the taking of these photos. Trains only seem to come by at night time plus we were very careful to keep on the look out.
 Aren't I married to the hottest man on earth? Okay I know I'm totally biased! Love this man and am so grateful for our four amazing boys even if family photos are all about the survival for us right now. Whew we made it and got our first family photos of the new year taken. Thanks for surviving my heavily photo post. Y'all are amazing! Have a great day.
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Pary Moppins said...

Oh my gosh! Those photos are priceless! I love your Shortman's faces; they made me giggle.

All That Glitters said...

Very cute!

Skye said...

Y'all did a good job with the clothes, no one clashes but it's not matchy-matchy.

glad2bemommy09 said...

Great pictures :)

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